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Rolling Road

A Rolling Road measures horsepower and torque at the rear wheel(s) of your vehicle. It does this by measuring the time taken to accelerate a large roller of a certain weight (which the vehicles rear wheel(s) sits on) from one speed to another. If you know the weight of the roller and its speed, and how long it's taken to accelerate it, you can calculate the torque and horsepower of your vehicle.

You should consider putting your vehicle on a Rolling Road when you have fitted an aftermarket exhaust, superchip box, ram air or anything which will effect the performance of your vehicle. Dynobike will then be able to set up your vehicle for the ultimate performance.

Dynobike offers Carburetion, Calibration, Fuel Injection Setup, Programming Ignition Systems, etc and you can be assured of an excellent service and superb value for money.

Due to our upcoming location move we no longer offer a rolling road for Race and Road cars, kit cars, quad bikes and grass track vehicles.

Please contact https://dynojet.co.uk/stores for your nearest service agent

Model 250 - Capabilities of measuring up to 500HP and 200Mph

This dyno can be used for Race and Road bikes and F1 and F2 sidecars.

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