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ECU Remapping

Dynobike have over 25 years of experience working with Power commander systems and the likes of Empro (Suzuki), HRC (Honda), YEC (Yamaha), Motec and many more.

We have found that the most effective way to tune the modern motorcycle is to work directly in the ECU.

Our system now allows us to communicate directly to the motorcycles Stock ECU to make adjustments to many of the parameters located in the stock ECU'S such as:

  • Fuel Tables
  • Ignition Tables
  • O2/Lambda Elimination
  • Rev Limiters
  • Speed Limiters
  • Soft Limiters and Gear Speed Limiters
  • Fan Activation
  • Engine Braking
ECU Remapping

Here at Dynobike we read, write and EDIT the ECU files ourselves!

We do not just use generic files from file writers, WE are the File writers!

We custom map each individual Motorcycle file to achieve the optimum performance of the bike, as each motorcycle hasn't got identical characteristics.

We offer 3 ECU remapping Packages

  • Limiter maps £150
  • Fuel & Ignition Maps £400
  • Complete Fuel, Ignition and Limiters £450

1. Limiter Maps

To adjust the limiters and Lambda you can either come to our workshop half a day and we can run your bike before and after the limiter adjustment, Or if you live far away use the postal remap service by filling our ECU request At the bottom of the page and if we can remove the limiters on your model of bike you can send us your ECU!

2. Fuel & Ignition Maps

To remap fuel and ignition tables on your stock ECU we would require your bike for a day as it is a long process to read and write files when we make changes to the maps, whether you drop the bike off one day and collect another day or if you would like to hang around and drink coffee or tea, whatever is convenient for you we are happy either way!

3. Complete Remap

This is a full remap which includes the fuel, ignition, O2 elimination and the limiters. We require your bike for a full day for this work as explained on the fuel and ignition map package it is a long process to read and write files when we make changes to the maps. Same as the Fuel and ignition map package you can drop the bike off one day and collect another day or you can hang around and wait.

To enquire the availability of a remap package on your bike please fill in our request form for more info!

Remap Request Form

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