I fitted a full system to my gsxr1000r 2020 then took it to paul who reflashed the bike he got me a extra 10bhp and smoothed it right out what a difference he done a fantastic job excellent service highly recommend

-Gary hendry

Paul has built and tuned every one of our race engines since we started as a team and they have all been highly competitive taking us to a number of top 10 finishes on the International road racing scene, whilst offering very high reliability every time. We wouldn't trust anyone else with our machines and we believe that he is one of the best in the business at what he does. He would be our first recommendation to anyone who requires work done to their motorcycle.

-WH Racing Team

Paul is always helpful and really takes the time to explain what he's doing - thanks Paul!

-Hazel Jackson

Gxsr 1000 k7....34500 miles ....and getting a bit soggy engine wise. Paul did a fantastic job on my Suzuki, I could feel/hear the difference as the bike was warming up outside the shop first touch of the throttle.... oooh er mister ....the ride home was something else too, never has my bike responded like now. Its now crisp and responsive, although I was a bit wary at first of dyno,s in general Paul put my mind at rest quashed all the rumours and did an amazing job on my bike Its even more of a keeper now. ....Thanks Paul

-Brian Hall

I opted for the full ECUremap. On it's initial dyno run the Yamaha revealed 131 bhp and 72ft lb. After Dynobike's work it was kicking out over 150 bhp at the wheel and just under 80ft lb at wheel. It is running a full yoshi, and these power and torque figures are top drawer. To get more than these figures would require costly engine internals changing/altering. The yam is also blessed with a beautiful linear mild to wild Thank you Paul for another sterling job

-Allan Holmes

I have done 400 miles since a remap of my 2007 Fireblade. It's difficult to describe exactly the difference, it's just so nice to ride now. Never hesitates, absolutely no flat spots and pulls hard and instantly from low revs. I'd had a bad experience elsewhere with an alleged remap which complicated the job and added uncertainty. Paul stuck at it and tried as hard as anyone could to get a good result. Let's just say it was a roller coaster day! My advice to anyone reading this would be, whether you choose Dynobike or elsewhere, make very sure that those that race at a decent level also use the services you buy. That's the best reference you can find. I would unequivocally recommend Dynobike.

-Colin McAndry

I just wanted to say thanks for the great job Paul did with my Dynaglide. I had a great ride home. The bike's a lot smoother and pulls like a train now, the best bit is not feeling like I've run into a wall when I shut the throttle. I appreciate you taking the time to talk me through the tuning process and how to get the best out of the Power Vision. I'll be back in touch to book the Sportster in soon. Thanks again Mal


It's been a week since Paul fitted a power commander to my 2010 Fireblade and mapped it on the dyno. Straight out the yard I could feel the difference at low revs and on the way home I "PUSHED ON A BIT" and the difference is tremendous. Its like its a different bike. It's so smooth, I'd almost swear it accelerates just BEFORE you twist the throttle!!! Big thanks to Paul for everything. I asked a lot of people in my neck of the woods where I should take the bike for tuning and Dynobike was the only name that came up. Cracking cup of tea as well.


Thanks for fitting and mapping the Bonneville power commander. The bike ran sweet as a nut on the way home. Cheers, Stewart

-Stewart Maxwell

Got my GSX 1400 tuned by Paul. Its like a new bike highly recommend this friendly and helpful chap.

-Joe Stanley

Took my CBR600RR in to have a Akropovic exhaust & a power commander fitted. I had no idea what a difference it would make. Paul did a fantastic job. I went up in my car to collect the old standard exhaust and he even offered to follow me home in his car and bring me back so I could ride my bike home. An awesome service provided, highly recommended.

-Simon Boyes

Excellent !! Very, very happy with the service I received today. And even happier with the price. Definitely be going back with any other bikes I get

-Davy Bell

The lads have always worked on my bikes, wouldn’t let anyone else near them now. Latest bike, GSR750, went in with a slip on & standard mapping, came out after a remap with +20% on power & torque. What’s not to like ?

-Stuart Mills

Just had my cbr600rr remapped by Paul and translogic quick shifter fitted. Great service, highly recommended

-Tom Yzf Hemingbrough

Excellent service, very open and honest, explains everything throughout the process. I’ve had various bikes set up on various dynos but Dynobike is by far the best I’ve used. I Would highly recommend Dynobike

-Kyle Gowland

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