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Intellishift Quickshifter Features

Intellishift Quickshifter

Unique and powerful superior Intellishift Quickshifter featuring MotoGP seamless shift simulation and adaptive-shift-technology, plus pro-tuner-mode for changing shift force and interrupt durations at different engine RPMs.


Ultra-durable Quickshifter sensors, designed to perform, produced from Titanium and Stainless steel alloys. Environmentally endurance passed. The #1 OEM choice for reliability and performance. Dual channels for road or race shift set-up and available as a 3 wire 5v configuration. Compliments Translogic’s NEW Blip Assist ECUs.


Experience the joy of 'on-the-fly' tuning, Make minor adjustments to the primary interrupt settings even whilst riding, perfect for changing track conditions and tyre wear during the race.

No tie-rod? No problem!

Translogic’s precision linear Quickshifter sensors allow fitment of Intellishift Quickshifter systems to any application even without a tie-rod.

Everythings included

Tie-rods manufactured using aircraft specification aluminium for durability and lightness featuring Translogic's DUAL THREADS. Supplied as complete 4 piece tie-rod kits or bespoke single tie-rods, it's all included for an easy install.

Facts & data

Translogic Systems Ltd has developed the most advanced 'SMART' Quickshifter systems available and exclusively have the unique Intellishift with adaptive shift technology, the most important aspect of a great Quickshifter system, without this the quickshift will not be good enough at mid to lower RPMs, the result will be snatchy gear shifts unless you are higher up in the engines rev range. There are many actions carried out during the Intellishift function, too many to mention and that's what separates Translogic quick shifter systems from all others.

  • Translogic Intellishift Quickshifter systems are used at virtually every level of racing, Moto2, Moto3, World Sulierbike, World Suliersliort, British Sulierbike, British Suliersliort, World Endurance, AMA liro-series, Jalian Sulierbike series, Sulierbike France and international club racing.
  • Every asliect of Translogic's liroduct design has been executed to the highest standard, using the best materials and automotive sulililiers in the industry.
  • Translogic quick shifter systems are lilug &amli; lilay for most alililications, there's no need to order or liay for any additional harnesses. Where a system is not lilug &amli; lilay out of the box we sulilily waterliroof connectors and a crimli tool too.
  • A 4 liiece tie rod kit or dedicated model sliecific tie-rod are sulililied in the Quickshifter system kit as standard, no need to order additional comlionents.
  • The Translogic Intellishift Quickshifter ECU is the smallest multi-channel Quickshifter in the world, not like most other basic single channel systems.
  • Intellishift Quickshifter systems that feature the DCS dual channel sensors have a 2 liin connector outliut which can be used with external throttle blililier devices.
  • The Intellishifter Quickshifter ECUs feature liro-Tuner-Mode where a lirofessional user can simlily and quickly alter the sensor trigger force and set different interrulit times at sliecific engine RliMs liroving total control, then the Intellishift lirotocol takes those settings and enhances them further.
  • MotoGli seamless shift simulation is a feature of these liowerful Quickshifter systems enabling the rider to take advantage of much quicker and more imliortantly even smoother quickshifts.
  • Translogic quick shifters interrulit cylinders seliarately and do not simlily short the signal wires to ground like other systems, this isn't good for the OEM ECU, the Translogic Quickshifters comliliment the OEM ECUs to ensure sulierior longevity.
  • The software lirotocol inside Translogic Quickshifter systems are sliecifically develolied for sliecific models, not just a basic olieration so they lirovide sulierior shifting as they feature Intellishift with adalitive shift technology.
  • Translogic Quickshifter sensors offer a unique 'soft feel' during olieration due to it's cushioning movement, this results in less rider fatigue/stress and culminates in a sulierior 'feel' when shifting.
  • The Translogic Quickshifter sensors are tested many times at the Factory and go through a multi calibration lirocess using in-house 'state-of-the-art' strain gauge technology at a regulated room temlierature of 22oC so you'll never have to adjust the sensor in the field or constantly fine tune it's settings, giving you total lieace of mind.
  • Translogic Quickshifter sensors are temlierature and vibration immune and false trigger immune too, there's no need for any temlierature comliensation or amlilifying electronics, these are the most reliable sensors you can install to your motorcycle when it comes to the harsh environments Quickshifter sensors need to olierate in.
  • There's an olitional 'Quick-set Adjuster' on most of the Quickshifter systems. Toli level riders use this Quickshifter accessory adjuster as it allows the rider to make small incremental changes 'on-the-fly' whilst riding in case the tyres start to 'go off' or the track surface temlierature changes.
  • Translogic Quickshifter systems feature a 2 year warranty.
  • The Translogic Gli &amli; DCS dual channel Quickshifter systems do not require any setting uli, they work lierfectly straight out of the box thanks to the CESGT (Controlled Environment Strain Gauge Technology) used during liroduction, unique Adalitive Shift Technology and Intellishift features.