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Power Commander

Power Commander V

The new Power Commander V is the latest in engine control technology from Dynojet. The PCV is very compact, yet offers expanded features and options, with tremendous control over your engine management system.

  • Smaller unit - less than ½ the size of PCIIIusb
  • Unit powers up via the USB - no need for 9v battery and adapter
  • 2 position map switching as standard - switch not included
  • Gear and speed input as standard
  • 5v analogue input as standard - boost, temperature, MAP etc
  • Enhanced Accelerator pump feature - vastly increased adjustment
  • Optional control unit to allow 8 injector mapping
  • Operates with Dynojet LCD display and Dynojet quickshifter
  • New and improved software suite
  • Enhanced Quickshifter control - Adjustable kill time per gear and time between shifts.
  • Twin CAN ports for integration and expansion
  • OBD On board fault diagnosis

Improved Mapping Features

  • PCV allows -100% to +250% fuel adjustment
  • User definable map break points, upto 96 x 96 break points (10 Throttle position break points as standard, up from 9 for the PCIIIusb)
  • Individual mapping/maps per gear
  • Individual mapping/maps per cylinder
  • Individual mapping/maps against 5v input
  • For example a mapping per cylinder, per gear could result in 24 individual fuel maps

Power Commander III - Overview

The PC is a fuel injection and adjustment unit that plugs "inline" with the bikes' stock ECU.

The PC uses original equipment style connectors so that no splicing or cutting of the harness is required. Most installations take less than 15 minutes, some as little as 5 minutes.

Changes are made to the bikes fuel curves via the PC's onboard microprocessor. Using this technology we are able to offer a large area of adjustment without making any permanent changes to the bikes' ECU (electronic control unit).

Removing the PC returns the bike to its previous stock condition. The Power Commander can be ordered preprogrammed with a your choice of several settings, based on the modifications to your bike. The unit also comes complete with software and cable link that allows you to change between different maps or make adjustments to a map file

Dynojet Autotune for the Power Commander V

Dynojet have taken virtually the same technology that our patented Tuning Link Dynamometer Software (designed for automated Dyno tuning) uses, along with Bosch Wide Band O2 sensor(s) and miniaturized it to be used on your bike, while you ride.

Once installed, the Autotune kit monitors the fuel mixture (by installing the included Wide Band O2 sensor(s) in the exhaust). It then sends this information to the Power Commander V and automatically corrects it as you ride, letting you feel the changes as they happen. Each map that we offer has preset Air/Fuel ratio target values included that we find to be the best overall settings. This lets you simply plug in the unit and let it do the work. For advanced users who would like to change the Air/Fuel ratios from our baseline, they are fully adjustable. Each throttle opening/rpm combination is individually adjustable, so that you can have both fuel economy, during cruise, while maintaining peak output at larger throttle openings. For most models of bikes it is also possible to adjust the Air/Fuel ratios “per gear”. This gives you total control of the fueling in every gear and throttle/rpm area if required.

The Autotune kit can be configured to run and correct at all times or by using the “map switch port” on the PCV you can set it up so that you can switch back and forth between the tuning mode and the base map settings. You can also configure the Auto Tune kit to wait until the bike is at a certain operating temperature before beginning to make adjustments.

Power Vision

Power Vision is a performance tuner and data monitor that offers the latest flash tuning technology, data logging, and other industry exclusive features. Developed to tune any Harley-Davidson motorcycle with the Delphi ECM, including 2011 models*, the Power Vision Product Suite includes a full color touch screen flash device, vehicle interface cable, and WinPV (Windows PC based tuning application).

The Power Vision incorporates a very sophisticated, yet simple touch screen display that DOES NOT require the use of a computer to flash your bike Simply select the tune and follow the on-screen prompts to download the tune, and if you’d like, edit your tune without ever touching a computer! That’s right, you can flash and make changes to your tune without ever getting off your bike. Anyone of the 3 types of tunes outlined below are able to be edited on the device, or in the WinPV Tuning Application!

Power Vision downloads and stores the stock calibration, and lets you select up to 6 different tunes that are stored on the device, and can be flashed to your bike.


Power in your hands... the Vision to maximize performance

  • Flash tune all H-D models equipped with a Delphi ECM, including 2011* models.
  • Does NOT require the user to interface with a computer in order to flash a tune, or edit the tune. Change rev limit, idle speed, and other parameters directly from the device.
  • Display all J1850 H-D vehicle data as well as wide band AFR** and various calculated channels (such as Avg MPG).
  • Customizable virtual gauges allow data to be monitored live, and / or logged while riding.
  • User defined visual alarms for any data channel.
  • AutoTune Basic and Pro – calculates and stores fuel trims to help you optimize fuel curve utilizing the factory o2 sensors (Basic), or Dynojet’s Wide Band 2 System (Pro)!
  • Check and clear diagnostic codes.
  • Reset adaptive fuel trims and idle offset (with bike running).