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Intellishift Quickshifter

Unique and powerful! Featuring the very latest superior Intellishift protocol providing the very best quickshifting possible. These advanced Intellishift quickshifters are the smallest multi-channel systems available and unlike other single channel quickshifters Translogics latest range of Intellishift systems provide the finest MotoGP seamless shift simulation. Now with even more adjustment possibilities and throttle blipper out for professional users, it’s a winner!

Everything is included

Aerospace specification

Translogic's tie-rods are manufactured using aircraft specification aluminium for durability and lightness. They feature Translogic's DUAL THREADS - right & left hand female threads in the same hole! From complete three piece tie-rod kits to bespoke tie-roads, it's all included for an easy install

Quickshifter Features

Key Features

  • Fantastic viewing angle with stunning daytime clarity
  • Sunlight enhanced high contrast 'TN' LCD display
  • Quick glance easy read digits
  • Bar graph type RPM indicator with numerical number
  • Temperature indication
  • Large clear central gear indicator
  • Ultra Bright 7 LED shiftlight array
  • Battery voltage indicator
  • User defined backlight colour 'cool blue' or 'hotrod red'
  • 100 Lap memory
  • User defined low fuel indicator


The Translogic LCD Micro Dash products are universal and can be fitted to virtually any application where the original gauges do not feature CanBus. There are just 5-8 wires to connect up and the complete kit also includes a high quality electronic speed sensor and temperature sensor so there aren't any other components required.

Translogic has developed a Universal Mounting Bracket Kit and some bike specific mounting brackets for popular models which can be ordered separately.

Key Features

  • Ultra-compact 25,000RPM servo design
  • Lightweight servo shifter design, just 380gms
  • Small 25mm (1") shifter body diameter
  • Rider simulated shift speed using unique PWM drive
  • No air bottles necessary, fully electro-mechanical
  • Environmentally protected features snorkel tube for extended riding conditions
  • Fully sealed Billet aluminium ECU housing for heat dissipation
  • User defined simple quickshifter output (clamped signal 40-100ms range) for other aftermarket ECUs with quickshifter inputs
  • Complements other Translogic quickshifter ECUs for full quickshifter function
  • Gold plated contact push buttons for precise control


These Powershift push button gear shifter systems are the most compact of all the push button gear shifter systems available which can select gears both up and down the gearbox. Neutral can be selected easily by momentarily pressing either the up or down buttons due to it's unique compact servo design. The success of this innovative design is due to the control of the shifter action and its operating characteristics in being able to mimic the speed and movement of the human foot/hand during it's shift cycle culminating in the perfect gearshift simulation which does not put further stress on the gear box as other solenoid type shifter systems.

The TLS-PS2 systems come with a CNC machined aluminium bracket which houses the 2 weather proof shift buttons and is suitable for mounting around 7/8" handle bars on metric motorcycles. For Harley Davidson models the handle bar bracket simply attaches underneath the left switch gear housing. For kart and race installations the buttons are supplied without a mounting bracket to enable direct steering wheel fitment.

direct steering wheel fitment. (NOTE: Once the Powershifter is installed gears can only be selected via the shift buttons although you can manually move the gear lever by `back driving' the shifter. This means that if there was a failure of the bikes/vehicles electrical systems gears can still be selected by hand/foot but there will be more effort required from the operator due to the back driving nature of the servo design)