Translogic Powershifters

Compact & Powerful

The smallest motorcycle gearshifter drive system in the world. Translogic's soft-start-drive design provides the perfect shift with easy neutral selection. Designed to perform in the most gruelling conditions. Sealed, salt spray tested, environmentally endurance passed. Reversible drive for Road or Race applications.

Unique Rotary Design

Our latest Powershifter servo uses a totally new rotary design providing superior torque, speed and control. Gears can still be selected manually after installation.

Ergonomically Beautiful

Translogic's attention to detail shines through with the new handle bar bracket and switch assembly, simple and elegant.

Tactile Push Buttons

Buttons featuring gold plated contacts for precise gear shifts. Developed and designed to put you in complete control.

Unique PWM drive ECU

Translogic's state-of-the-art PSR ECU features our unique PWM drive system featuring soft-start-drive and easy neutral selection. The PSR-PRO ECUs feature dual outputs for both the optional Intellishift ECU and Blip Assist ECU (where applicable).


These Powershift push button gear shifter systems are the most compact of all the push button gear shifter systems available which can select gears both up and down the gearbox. Neutral can be selected easily by momentarily pressing either the up or down buttons due to it's unique compact servo design. The success of this innovative design is due to the control of the shifter action and its operating characteristics in being able to mimic the speed and movement of the human foot/hand during it's shift cycle culminating in the perfect gearshift simulation which does not put further stress on the gear box as other solenoid type shifter systems.

The TLS-PSR2 and TLS-PSR2-PRO systems come with a CNC machined aluminium bracket which houses the 2 weather proof gold plated contact tactile shift buttons and is suitable for mounting around 7/8" handle bars on metric motorcycles. For Harley Davidson models the handle bar bracket simply attaches underneath the left switch gear housing. For kart and race installations the buttons are supplied without a mounting bracket to enable direct steering wheel fitment. Each button has gold plated contacts to ensure only the cleanest shift signal.

Once the Powershifter is installed gears are selected via the shift buttons although you can still manually. This safety feature means that if there was a failure of the bikes/vehicles electrical systems gears can still be selected by hand/foot due to the design of this low inertia shifter system.

Translogic's PSR-PRO systems feature the Intellishift and Blip Assist outputs ready for connection to the optional Intellishift and Blip Assist ECUs, also the PSR-PRO Powershift system can handle higher power and greater torque for dealing with heavier transmission loads and inertia.


The Powershifter Push Button Gear Shifter system can be fitted to almost any application. A handle bar bracket comes as standard on PSR2 and PSR2PRO models and is either suitable for 7/8" handle bars or specific for Harley Davidson models. Once fitted there is no need for the gear lever any longer although gear can still be selected manually. Neutral can be easily selected by carrying out a 'half button press'.

Powershift Installation


Shifter dimensions - 108mm long X 30mm Dia MAX - Shifter stroke - 10-16mm from rest to full stroke (20-32mm total travel) - Shifter weight - 350gms

Powershift ECU dimensions - 58mm X 38mm X 26mm - Weight (packaged) - 850grams

SPECIAL NOTE: This product is universal and is not bike specific. It will be necessary to fabricate a mounting bracket for the body of the shifter unless there is a suitable surface for the shifter to be bolted to. 2 connecting M6 rod-ends with a tie rod are supplied to make the installation a little easier. Translogic Systems recommends professional assistance when installing this product.